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  • Mother’s Help is an employee of a family who works on average 40-50 hours a week, 5 days a week and has two full days off a week (sometimes Mother’s Help works 6 days a week for extra money)
  • Mother’s Help receives a salary of min £120-170 a week NET minimum, family pays the TAX and the National Insurance Contribution. Some more experienced Mother's Helps can earn up to £200 a week NET.
  • ·Mother’s Help lives as a part of the family who provides them with their own bedroom, food and general support during their stay
  • Mother’s Helps receive on average 20-24 days paid holiday a year
  • Mother’s Help helps the family with childcare, such as school & nursery runs, pre-school and after school childcare, taking children to afterschool activities, helping them with homework, playing with the children, babysitting, simple cooking for children, and they also help the families with some light housework