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Testimonials from our Aupairs 


Virginie Ch. from Italy

I'm very happy with your service because you followed me a lot and really care to find me a nice family! I also appreciated a lot that you asked me a lot of references and papers to see I'm healthy to work with childrens because that shows your agency is a serious one and that will not place an au-pair just to earn money! You do things in the correct way as I like it! because also the people that contact you and that need a person to take care of their son/s will know that you have serious persons that wants to work! I Hope you continuous working. I'm sure that if I need you in the future you will be there to bring me a friendly hand! Thanks!

All the best for you,sincerelly, Virginia


Lucie from the Czech Republic

hello, thank you for my family, they are lovely, the children are cute and help me with my English.Parents are very helpful and my English improve every day. I am very happy here.


Sonia from Spain

thank you for your mail. I arrived yesterday and family meet me at the airport. The children came as well. It was nice.I am exploring the town today and the getting to know the children as well. Nice, friendly family. 


Yvonne from Germany

hya, my name is Yvonne and I will be finishing my Aupair stay soon. I had a lovely time here and after 1 year my English improved so much. I met many new people from other countries and I will miss everybody.I just wanted to thank you for being here for me and finding me such a lovely family.


Katrin from Germany

hya Paula, I just wanted to let you know that I have given your contact details to my friend Mareika who also wants to come and work in the UK. I told her how quickly you found me my family and how much information you have given me including the family's photos and also information about the area, language schools. If you could find Mareike family in West London so we are close to each other that woud be fantastic.Oh also thank you for emailing me the list of other aupairs, I am meeting two German girls from the list on Saturday, we are going to do some sighseeing in centre London.


Zuzana from the Czech Republic

Dear Agency,thank you for your email. I arrived safely and the family did pick me up from Victoria. They helped me to register at local language school, and I already met two other local aupairs, they are also from my country. My family is good,helpful and the children are cute.


Annette from Germany

I will be finishing my aupair stay in August and I would like to stay for another year in London. My family will not be needing a new Aupair so please help me to find a new family. I do not want to use another agency as you were great. My English host family was amazing and I had incredible time with them. I will miss the children very much, especialy Sophie. We had some amazing time together, playing games, going swimming, cooking and baking together. If you could find me a family in the same area, North London, Finchley that would be very good. The school is very cheap and I have many friends here already.


Tereza T. from the Czech Republic

Hi,the family is fantastic, they are very nic, so so far all is going well. Thank you for emailing me the list of friends. Cooperation with your Agency was great, very willing, and you have been looking after me even after my arrival in my host family, making sure I am happy and emailing me the list of other aupairs in the area. Your Agency works on 110% and I would definitely recommend you to other aupairs. 


Ana from Spain

I'm really very happy! my host family are very nice! the house is beautiful and my bedroom is very pretty, with my own bathroom.I cook with children yesterday and we are going swimming tomorrow. I like it here very much.